So I gave 6.2 the ol’ college try…









I’m unsubbing right now.


Okay so only one person can access this grappling hook at a time due to absolutely horrible coding and a hilariously bad lack of foresight. This is like the third quest to access the rest of 6.2′s content and I can’t get past this part because everyone’s clicking to be the one person to access this one quest. This is like 10 minutes into me logging in.

I’m peacing out to FFXIV and Heavensward fucking bye.

how fucking atrocious

Omfg lol It’s like the zombies trying to run up the side of the building in world war z.

That is horrifying

Hooow have they not learned their lesson by now? HOW.

Admittedly, the line mostly smoothed this out, but there shouldn’t have been a need for it. Really, they should have just given you a quest item to grapple up with. That’s it.

I’m still not sure why they didn’t learn their lesson from the telescope in the horde garrison quest.

I’m pretty sure they knew full well what they were doing when they made this. Blizzard has been notorious for putting bottle necking quests like this into the game in order to reduce the surge of players entering new zones.

Because the world server crashing is somehow more infuriating than trying to fight 100 people for a clickable device.


The game doesn’t work like that though. All of Draenor, with the exception of the garrisons, are on the same worldserver. As spawn rates are normalized based on how fast mobs die now, 200 people in Gorgrond and 200 people in Tanaan are exactly the same thing. You could tell this was the case when 6.0 first released the Draenor worldserver crashed, and people in their garrisons and on other continents were unaffected. 

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