pyxuspie replied to your post: idk why you guys are digging up stuff …

Because he continuously harasses people, both in-game and on tumblr for things he actually does on other websites.

I definitely get that [pointed look at obomb & co] im just???

idk i think im sort of missing the point here actually because they’ve obviously made their account here JUST to fuck with people and it’s….sort of concerning that instead of dying down im just seeing more and more posts and they’re probably laughing about it

I mean i run into these fucks enough ingame like BELIEVE ME I have been a constant victim of their harassment for a VERY long time

idk im glad they’re finally getting their asses exposed but sort of bitter it hasn’t been taken seriously before now?

You are upset because… they have not been taken seriously until now? So you would have preferred the fighting to have happened earlier? I suppose they did not attack the right people…? /shrug

I got involved because they targeted ME. My friends got involved because they are amazing. Then they quickly branched out from there. I’m not saying I’m the first, not at all, but it became a big deal to ME when it was brought to my attention. I had never even heard of them up until that.

I’m sorry that whatever happened to you by them was not noticed before, I really am. I would have loved to jump in to help you.

They are toxic individuals and it does not matter at this point if they are just trolls, because the bridge that was concealing away that singular individual has been lifted and now everyone knows that he is a lore-breaking, erping porn artist. (LIKE MEEEE. NO ONE IS FREE OF SIN.)

Trust me, we are laughing about it over here.


[6/17/15, 11:30:06 PM] Tevruden: LOOOL
[6/17/15, 11:32:58 PM] Be real: omfg
[6/17/15, 11:33:22 PM] Be real: LOL LADY POSTED ON HIS FA
[6/17/15, 11:33:26 PM] Be real: that lil troll
[6/17/15, 11:33:45 PM] Tevruden: literally
[6/17/15, 11:33:47 PM] Tevruden: a troll
[6/17/15, 11:34:05 PM] Be real: HEHEHEHE