World of Warcraft Fans! Send me–


reblog this post with pictures (screenshots or artwork) of your World of Warcraft character, any race, any faction! This is a rare chance to get a free doodle so I can set up my example poster!

I’m looking to do a few example pieces for my upcoming livestream event! If you’re not a follower and you’d like to show me your OC, you’re more than welcome to reblog this post too! Though if I do end up picking your character for my example piece and you’d like to see it, then it would probably be a good idea to follow me!

This is my main blog and I only post my artwork, asks, and the occasional IRL photo. I no longer reblog news related, social related, or random things I like to this blog. I try my best to keep it limited just to art. My personal blog for those other things is now: angelstasia

Signal boost!

And here’s Tev in is sweet new armor:

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