Okay, so, most people have heard about the new block feature the staff finally gave us, yay 😀

One thing to note: it looks like, once you block someone, if they are tagged in a post, you will not see that post.  The downside to this is that if one of your friends is having issues with someone problematic that you blocked, you may not see their post about them.   The upside is that you don’t have to see anything from them on your dashboard ever again, so long as they’re being tagged in the post about them, so yay!

Although it does appear that if you reblogged something from them/something they were tagged in, you can still view that specific post.  Case in point, that weirdrestaccord kid.  Now that I have them blocked, I can only see one post on the entire tag of them, and it’s the one I reblogged from Tevruden that was posted by Lobstmourne. If I log out and check the tag, however, I see all posts made with them in the tag.   I didn’t see that part being mentioned in Tumblr’s update about the block system, so just noting it because that’s kinda nifty if you want to still follow a particular thread of discussion :3