Commissions are now open with new prices! As always, the money earned goes towards paying back my student loans, and commissioning other artists also in dire financial need.

Plain text info:

  • Waist-up characters: $35 USD + $15 USD for each additional character
  • Fullbody characters: $45 USD + $25 USD for each additional character
  • an additional $30 USD for full colored backgrounds

WILL DO: humanoids, anthros/furries, animals large and small, blood, “implied” not safe for work (partial nudity, aftermath)
WILL NOT DO: not safe for work (sex,) illegal settings; loli/shota/pedophilia themes, blatant kinks

PLEASE HAVE VISUAL REFERENCES! I don’t mind looking to Google once in a while to make sure I’m getting something just right, but I’m not really up for a full-on scavenger hunt.

If interested, shoot me an email at with references, info, and what kind of commission you’re interested in! Don’t be afraid to reference any past drawings I’ve done if you’ve had a specific style/design in mind. Thanks for helping me out and reading!

Hey, I’m taking commissions again!! My hours and pay have been reduced at work, so I’m needing all the help I can get. Once I’m stable again, I’ll be more than ready to return the favor for other wonderful commissioning artists/writers/donations. Thanks for reading!