Ok 1. I don’t do it all the time, in fact I rarely call them gay publically, only when I’m livestreaming which is once in a blue moon. Literally I only joke about it in private convos, usually with people who KNOW their identities.

2. I know you didn’t mean to sound rude, but this was actually really rude. I’m ace and panromantic, I’m also a trans male identifying person – I joke about being gay all the time. Does that mean I’m not ace? No, because it’s a joke.

Most people who are assuming our OCs identities aren’t doing it because I’m saying “look at my gay babies, I love these nerds” they’re doing it solely based on what they see – the gender of their partner.

Case in point: I draw Ro fucking dudes a lot, I do this because I like drawing dudes. This does not make Ro any less bi if he fucks more dudes than ladies.

People assumed Tevruden was Bi because he’s dating both a woman and a man when in fact he is a sex-positive Asexual.

What really grinds my gears is that you’re insinuating that I am not allowed to joke about my character and – when he gets mistaken for something he is not – give up my right to speak out about it.

I know you probably meant well by this, but honestly this is what the community talks about when is comes to erasure.

Ngl anon, you sound kind of rude.


[2/22/15, 12:19:57 AM] Byriel: GAY
[2/22/15, 12:27:15 AM] Tevruden: Thaaaank you so much puj!
[2/22/15, 12:27:58 AM] Tevruden: Pxy don’t be rude
[2/22/15, 12:28:10 AM] Byriel: :B
[2/22/15, 12:28:15 AM] Tevruden: It’s not gay, neither of them are gay
[2/22/15, 12:28:29 AM] Byriel: I’m pretty sure the balls are gonna be touching soon
[2/22/15, 12:29:07 AM] Tevruden: Ro is bi and Tev is just not.
[2/22/15, 12:29:43 AM] Byriel: “No homo.” Tev whispers before cramming his dick into the DUDE’s butthole.
[2/22/15, 12:30:32 AM] Dante: he’s not romantically attracted
[2/22/15, 12:30:42 AM] Tevruden: Byriel the High Priest of Rude.
[2/22/15, 12:31:16 AM] Byriel: ALRIGHT well he is not gay but the action is gay. Geezus
[2/22/15, 12:31:26 AM] Byriel: I’ll clarify more in the future
[2/22/15, 12:31:31 AM] Byriel: The gay future
[2/22/15, 12:31:33 AM] Tevruden: thank