I would like to send this out to those that think they are not noticed, you make a difference in this world and in the WoW community. There is no better exercise for your heart than reaching down and helping to lift someone up. You lift me up everyday. Know that you are loved and cared about. To Kylareth, Grumpy Druid, theemptyreach,


Aw, what a lovely message for @kylareth (who I don’t seem to be able to link to, again, thanks Tumblr), the-grumpy-druid and theemptyreach. And, Nonny, we agree – lifting others up is the best, most compassionate, kind-hearted act one person can have toward another. It’s the very reason the Pink Dragonflight exists and we are so happy to be able to recognize lovely people who do this! All our love and Sparkles!

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