If you ever see a small birb anywhere near Roteye, that’s… actually Vitaristrasza, the great red dragon. She often prefers to observe things around her than to engage in conversations or activities, unless it’s with her friends, and sometimes prefers to be unnoticed, in which case she shape-shifts into different small birds and animals and either stays near her companions or hides somewhere in their pockets or pouches. They’re a weird bunch as it is, and more often than not another person can just attract more attention no one needs. 

 Vitaria also likes the D&D golden dragon approach where she turns into something seemingly weak, be it a child or someone elderly, or an animal, then listens and observes, seeking out those who are potentially evil (by her dragon standards), and reveals herself when it’s the right time. And she just loves the looks on everyone’s faces when she transforms into a dragon – for a red, Vitaristrasza can be a bit vain and mischievous. 

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