after some rly bad news decided to draw a thing tevruden babbled about

au where Tev is forced to drink demon’s blood to the point he becomes felblooded, and Ro is a dedicated Dawnblade Blood Knight, sworn to protect Tev for the rest of their lives

[¾/15, 1:34:33 AM] Tevruden: hey you want to hear something terrible?
[¾/15, 1:34:45 AM] ICY: WHAT
[¾/15, 1:35:27 AM] Tevruden: [3/3/15, 11:40:18 PM] ICY: to (not have died but instead) have his throat slashed at some point
[3/3/15, 11:40:26 PM] ICY: and fucks his vocal cords
[3/3/15, 11:40:37 PM] ICY: so he’s mute o/
[¾/15, 1:37:52 AM] Tevruden: Tev ends up drinking the demon blood in exchange for Ro getting his voice back. Which he does, but the cost is too great for him and so he almost never speaks.
[¾/15, 1:38:49 AM] ICY: YELLS
[¾/15, 1:38:58 AM] ICY: like he can make sounds but he can’t form words
[¾/15, 1:39:09 AM] ICY: when he tries to it’s incoherent
[¾/15, 1:39:23 AM] Tevruden: no like he can
[¾/15, 1:39:37 AM] Tevruden: but every time he hears his own voice it reminds him of what tev gave up
[¾/15, 1:49:02 AM] ICY: YOU DICK

Just gonna put these two things together.