Hello, hello. I asked a few days ago whether you’d like to see a giveaway or a freebie stream, and GASP, most people opted for a giveaway. So here it is! No-Reason-At-All giveaway.
I’m giving away some art for you, of your character, as per usual.

To participate, you must:
1) Follow either of my main art blogs: MeoProject – for general art – OR MeoCraft – for WoW/MMO art. You can also follow both and make me EXTRA happy, but you don’t receive extra tickets for following both. Just more Meo art. Following my other blogs does not count, only these two.
2) Like and/or reblog this post. You can reblog this post as many times as possible, but please please don’t be excessive, just for the sake of your folloers.
3) Like my art. Why else would you even want art from me????
4) Not be a giveaway reblog only blog.

And that’s it, I guess. If anything comes up, I will update if necessary.

Now, what will you get for your troubles?
If I receive 200+ notes, there will be one (1) Grand Winner, who gets a fully colored full-body artwork of a single character, and two (2) runner ups, who receive colored headshots of their characters. Also, yes, this does mean that if I receive less than 200 notes I will cancel the giveaway.
If I manage to get 300 notes on this pst, I will draw out another extra runner up slot, meaning there will be three (3) runner ups in total, all of whom receive a headshot!
If I get to 450+ notes there will be yet another runner up more, meaning there are four (4) people receiving headshots (in addition to the grand winner)!
And if some witchcraft happens and I get 650+ notes on this post there will be five (5) runner ups in total, AND I will draw an extra special runner up who receives a waist up of their character! Also, the grand winner still receives their prize.

SO, if this post gets 650+ notes there will be ONE full body, ONE waist up and FIVE headshots I will be drawing for the winners!

What will I draw for you if I win? I will draw original characters (whether they are humanoid, furry or animals), MMO/game player characters (you know, the ones you can customize yourself?) and fan characters and the like. I will not draw canon characters/game npcs or real life people. There will be more detailed post about this when I actually draw out the winners, but just so you know. If you’re looking to get Dean Winchester drawn, this is probably not the giveaway you should be participating in!

Still hesitant?
Feel free to check out my blogs to see what kind of stuff I have drawn before to get an idea whether you even want art from me or not!

[MeoProject / art tag] [MeoCraft / art tag]

Winners will be drawn with the help of or some similar website. I will contact winners via ask, and will make a post and try and ping their with the notification system, though tumblr is really unreliable so your best bet is just to keep your eyes open.

When will the giveaway end?

Currently I have set the giveaway to end on 24th of February 2015, midnight GMT+2! Please note the time zone.

And… that’s all, I believe? If anything comes up/clarification is needed, I will update this post.

Thank you for your time!

– Sir Meo

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