Summary: I felt like writing about Ro’liath’s unrequited love for Tevruden, a bit about their past and sort of present. It might be sad??? Idk, but here you go

Warnings: Violence, blood, death, 2nd POV

How long exactly had it been since they met? Years? No, longer than that. Decades, maybe. It had all started with him riding his horse, obviously in a hurry and nearly trampling you. You remember being so angry your ears turned red because he didn’t even stop to apologize. You wanted to run and catch up with that stallion and punch the guy square in the jaw but you didn’t. You couldn’t.

He never remembered this, no matter how many times you told him the story. He assured you the first time you two met it was through your Justicar, when you first became a Paladin in training and he introduced you two. It wasn’t the first time you met, but it was the first time you got a good look at his face and heard his name – Tevruden Dawnspear.

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