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Name:  Nick

Nicknames: Tevruden, Barkentin, Tev, Bark 

Birthday: Dec 8

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Nope

Height: 5’11"

Favorite Color: Green

Time and Date of the Current Moment: 

clock=d859c19a.9c23d878  Fri, Jan  9 2015  2:55:22.609

Average Hours of Sleep:  5, usually

Last Thing I Googled: Tor Bandwith Authority

Number of Blankets I Sleep Under:  Anywhere between zero and one

Place That Makes Me Happy: The Library, the B gate of DFW, my car at 1AM 

Last Book I Read: War Crimes.

Dream Job: My current job, but some place that isn’t 10 degrees outside.

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