these past few minutes i’ve been trying to analyze what the hickory-dickory fuck you were trying to say

i’m going to keep it short and sweet for you since i really don’t feel like wasting much of my time on someone who said they’d rather see people who use the term ‘butthurt’ die than nazis or pedophiles ( how fucked up do you have to be to even joke like that )

in no way was i trying to defend whatever scumlord emerged from the cavernous depths of the rp community’s backside. if you had actually read the fucking post instead of feeling the need to comment on my usage of gifs [with unnecessary citing and emphasizingi was telling those who were claiming “HEY MG IS TOTALLY BETTER THAN WRA” and the like to shut the fuck up in those four simple words but apparently the “sanctity of my rp experience” is the notable part of my post

like seriously stay butthurt


I love that shitty internet detective work. It just goes to show why *secrets blogs are shitty and are around mainly to sart shit.