“You look so cute, Tevruden. The red bow was an improvement!” Varaelian grinned from ear to ear, seeing fruits of his labor and anger starting to well in his friends eyes, “Do you think it’s nice Tylla?”

She happened to glance up and pick up her toy, “I think I hear Papa calling me…” With that, she ran, a blur of red hair streaking down the hall.

“Why is she—” Van watched her dash off, his attention distracted long enough to not notice Tevruden standing closer, the wrapping he had been placed in torn and shredded onto the floor. His head swung around, seeing Tev’s eyes just inches from his own, “This isn’t going to end well, is it? You wouldn’t hurt a cripple..!”

Tevruden shrugged, “No…”


“You aren’t a cripple, Nilhandril.”