I’m so mad AUGH.

I just got out of an EoTS match where in I not only managed to survive against a garbage ret paladin on my undergeared hunter by trapping/knocking/avoiding him until I got help, but grabbed the flag from our DK that dropped it and held it for fucking ever as a hunter until I was over-run.

I’M MAD because our DK died with the flag because it wouldn’t cap.

When I picked it up, I tried capping it.

It wouldn’t cap.

I die, the other team picks up the flag and it caps instantly for them on the base we were having problems with.

Blizzard pls.

Hey look that’s what happened to me yesterday. I go to cap the flag. Die after getting to the position to cap despite and being there for several seconds. And then the other team is able to run the flag and cap.