I was thinking of postponing this a bit, but I have… things going on, so I’m just putting this up.

» COMMISSION FORM « » email: sirmeo @ gmail . com


Prices start from 28 usd for single character full-body and 50 usd for two character full-body. All pictures will be colored and have a “color splash” type background. Big animals such as horses and dogs count as extra characters.

Poses are “wing it” — you can ask me to draw your character sitting down, but I will not take specific instructions for poses! I will not show wips or do major revisions, but I naturally will fix mistakes I’ve made. Very complicated characters/outfits might be simplified and/or stylized. I do not work from photo references or written references only. You are free to supplement your drawn/screenshot references with photos or minor verbal pointers, but if I have to refer to photos or text a lot there might be extra charges.

All work should be completed within 1-4 weeks of payment being made.

I can draw original characters, World of Warcraft player characters (no worgen), Guild Wars 2 characters, other game player characters and fan characters. Theme-wise I can draw pretty much anything but full-blown porn, but there are extra-charges for nudity (check commission form for info) and as stated before, very complex characters will be simplified.

I do not draw worgen or real-life people. I don’t draw fanart of characters belonging to major series (such as SNK or SPN) but I do draw fan characters from almost any series.

If you are interested, please check out the commission form and either fill it or email me with relevant info.

Please give me at least 48 hours to reply your inquiry. If you have not received an answer in 48 hours, feel free to contact me again!

More examples of my art can be seen at:

meoproject [commission tag] // meocraft [commission tag]

» COMMISSION FORM « » email: sirmeo @ gmail . com

Do not send notes, tumblr message system is extremely unreliable! Thank you. Signal boosts appreciated. General commission ToS applies. You can see my ToS, general commission prices and work queue HERE.