So, contacting blizzard about representation has been something that has been mentioned constantly through this whole ordeal.

I completely understand if you do not want to read my wall-of-text, but by the same token I ask that you not respond if you cannot be bothered to do so.

Thank you.

That’s funny, I just basically said the same thing.

Is it funny? Nowhere do I really advocate contacting Blizzard about this issue.  In fact, my post has almost nothing to do with that.  So what is funny is that you chose to ignore me, I guess, in favor of making a pithy comment that didn’t address anything.

So again, I understand if you don’t feel like reading what I have to say, but you also don’t have to respond. 

Well, in your “wall of text” (your words, not mine) there’s the following:

Hell, if you were actually asking Blizzard to make more that represents the distinction between darker-skinned elves and the lily white depictions we see, then I would have no issue with you using “POC” as what you are hoping to get represented, but you aren’t.  

Perhaps, you could tell me why that does not sound like suggesting that people should contact Blizzard about this issue?

The reason why it isn’t is stated directly in what you quoted.  I get that you are trying to bandage your lost cause, but…

“If you were actually asking Blizzard…” is a statement that indicates that isn’t happening, because as I understood the former post the point was simply to place “black elves” into the game and had nothing to do with an attempt to recreate the cultural distinction that we see in real life.  That was stated several times in the post you have decided to defend, in fact.  Lobstermourne et al have a great desire to see the skin tone implemented, but not the culture that would be represented. 

The entirety of my post was on how a black elf is not representative of anything at all.  This is why I knew you didn’t actually read it.  At this point, you will continue to attempt to shy away from the fact you didn’t and probably end up quoting something else out of context and equally ridiculous of you to do.

If you want to talk about respecting “POCs”, then at least read when they say something to you. Or don’t.  I guess as long as you like pretend races that are black in color that makes up for it. 

Like I said, you don’t really have to care.  Just don’t respond if you aren’t reading, please.

And that is why I linked you those posts, it was a suggested tactic. While I mislinked one of them (This is the post I actually intended to link) it’s been mentioned to talk to blizzard about actual representation more times than I care to scroll back to my dash to find.

As for that second to last paragraph there?


But hey that’s cool, totally write everyone who doesn’t blindly agree with you off as an insensitive white person. That will totally help this sort of conversation later.