Okay seriously guys. If someone approached any Blizzard devs and asked, “Hey, can there be dark-skinned elves?” What do you think they would say. Would they say no and pull up a bunch of vague lore explaining why they can only be white, or would they go “Wow it’s 2014 these player skins are outdated and in a fantasy universe that should be fun for everyone despite our constant slip-ups in the past we can safely say that dark-skinned elves can be a thing because it has really uncomfortable racist overtones to let a human-looking human-coloured only be white, maybe one day we can patch in new skins for them and a whole bunch of other races, like for dark iron dwarves or white furred worgen or mag’har orcs”

I’m jaded and work in software dev so I’d think they’d give some sort of non-committal answer one way or the other, but that’s just how things work and it has nothing to do w/ Blizzards specific stance on POC in game. 

I’ve given non-committal answers on TBD features myself.