To everyone making all of this new dark-skinned blood elf artwork



golden eyed elf by len-yan

Please keep it up! And please spread it around as much as possible! Showing what we want in such a positive, productive, and visible manner is one of the most powerful forms of advocacy out there. And when folks keep posting artwork of their…

okay dont get me wrong this would be great but

  1. if we cant be dark iron dwarves we wont be able to be dark skinned elves
  2. this would look really strange ingame. not because it’s dark skinned but because it’s an elf. elves are meant to have weird ass skin colors like orange and purple imho
  3. blizzard won’t go for it. if they wont let amazing lore locations like Karabor be our faction hub in WoD they aren’t going to add in a made up subrace (I’m sorry but it really is made up. No basis in canon)
  4. you can roll a PoC human. blizzard isn’t making it so you can’t be a dark skinned elf because they hate the idea or anything, but like i said it would just look strange ingame because elves tend to not have very human skin tones in WoW

braces myself for inevitable shitstorm

When someone says “Elves don’t have human skintones in game”

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