“You do realize the irony of that statement, given that I am a death knight, correct?” Tevruden goes to shrug before remembering that there was someone sitting on top of his shoulder, so he just starts to continue down the path he was on originally, hardly slowing even though he was now carrying someone. “I am sure there is someone in Silvermoon that will know what to do with you.”

“Tevruden Dawnspear.”

“Sinclaire Evenbreeze, Sunreaver cleric.” The elf responded cheerfully, pleased with his perch on the larger Sin’dorei’s shoulder.

“The irony is not lost, and was intentional, in fact.” He pats the knight’s head carefully. “Say, did you say your name was Tevruden? As in Tev?” He asks, “You don’t happen to know a very intimidating orc woman by the name of Feiyn, do you?”

The priest leaned forward to look the other man in the face, nearly falling from his shoulder in the process.

He nods, “Feiyn Bloodfang? She is my… girlfriend. At least that is what people keep calling us.” The words come out of his mouth oddly, hesitating before the word ‘girlfriend’. “Intimidating is a good way to describe her." 

He puts a hand up to keep the cleric from falling, making it look like less like he was carrying a person on his shoulder and more like he was carrying a load of timber. "Why do you ask? She is not in some sort of trouble again, is she?”