“There should be someone who can supply them in Farstrider’s Sqare.” the death knight mentions after a moment of thought. “She does? Interesting. I believe she has mentioned you as well.”

He looks over at the other elf, not seeming to care what he was walking on. “How did you lose your leg?”

“If that is true, would you please drop me off there?” Sinclaire asks, realizing with some irritation that one of the death knight’s shoulder spikes was poking him in the seat of his pants.

“Feiyn is a delight—” The priest bites his tongue and falls silent at Tevruden’s question. His entire demeanor falls into a rather sombre attitude as he replies frankly, “I lost my leg during the Scourge invasion. I’d rather not go into too much detail, if you don’t mind.”

Tevruden nods “That is where I was going to go. I could not think of anywhere else that would be useful.”

The larger elf shakes his head from side to side, sending little trails of lichfire wafting into the cleric, “I meant the one you are currently missing. Regardless, I have found talking about the Scourge invasion is a touchy subject with mortals." 

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