He nods, “Feiyn Bloodfang? She is my… girlfriend. At least that is what people keep calling us.” The words come out of his mouth oddly, hesitating before the word ‘girlfriend’. “Intimidating is a good way to describe her.” 

He puts a hand up to keep the cleric from falling, making it look like less like he was carrying a person on his shoulder and more like he was carrying a load of timber. “Why do you ask? She is not in some sort of trouble again, is she?”

The smaller elf laughs, “So it is true! How wonderful!” He claps his hands together, exclaiming, “She’s not in trouble, as far as I know! I’m just very pleased to meet you.”

He leans forward again, smiling at Tevruden. “She talks about you a lot. She seems to care for you very much.”

Sinclaire sits up again, settling down. “I need to find my leg. I’ll have to get some crutches from where ever you happen to drop me.”

“There should be someone who can supply them in Farstrider’s Sqare.” the death knight mentions after a moment of thought. “She does? Interesting. I believe she has mentioned you as well.”

He looks over at the other elf, not seeming to care what he was walking on. “How did you lose your leg?”