Hello there! I’ve decided to finally go through and open up some commissions! I’m a slower worker, so please be patient with me. Especially considering this is the first time i’ve opened up my art for sale.



  • Bust – $8
  • Waist – $14
  • Full Body – $18 (May increase depending on level of detail wanted)

(Flat coloring (no shading) costs an extra $2 on top of pricing; Extra character is $5 charge)


  • Half body – $3
  • Full body – $5

(Flat coloring will cost an extra $1 for these; Extra characters will be $2 charge)

Full Colored Pictures

  • Bust – $15
  • Waist – $20
  • Full Body – $25

(Extra characters will be a $5 charge, Extra detailing may change price, depending on what you want.)

I can do backgrounds and landscapes, although depending on what you want, the price would be something that needs to be negotiated.

References are a must, or at least a good description of what you want!

If you’re interested, please email me at:

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