but why do people get on my back about undead with sex drives when there is canon, ingame Scourge erotica

fight em miama
let our characters fuck half of azeroth B)

Based on its location and content the argument could be made that it’s fetish erotica for living (humans), rather than evidence of undead sexual capacity— not that I think the latter is an issue in the slightest. If vampires can fuck and suck their way to the top spot on television I think a death knight can manage a magic boner

Plus there are countless things that are illogical and improbable and others explained away with essentially “a wizard did it” so I don’t think a magical zombie boner is the thing that puts it over the top.

Didn’t @shithowdy (or someone) actually put in a ticket to Bliz asking about this

Wasn’t me, but I do link the post a lot.

I did answer an ask though. It’s not a real day in my life if I don’t link this post to somebody.

It’s location is in the middle of Scourge controlled Acherus. I don’t see how you could say it’s human fetish erotica when there’s not a single living humanoid in the building.