kismesisitude would be pretty much the equivalent of an aBUSIVE RELATIONSHIP which humans are not meant to do because that is very very bad

moirailiagence is not just “best friends” or even “soulmates”, they literally keep each other from going crazy and doing awful things to themselves and the people around them; they keep each other grounded and humane

as for auspistice nobody even knows what the fuck it is

i don’t even think i spelled it right

um ye they kind of do

granted, they don’t feel the need to feel those quadrants, but they do describe a lot of human relationships and interactions

kismesitude isn’t /abusive/. it’s more like, say, ash ketchum and gary oak. they are one-upping each other, and they are rivals. they hate each other because they get on each other’s nerves. gamzee and terezi are just very intense. but it’s not supposed to be abusive. it’s about being better than the other person and competing with them, which is okay and can be healthy for people.

moirails do exist. some people will fucking flip out, unless one specific person is there to calm them. trolls aren’t always building up their crazy level and need to be papped every hour. it’s someone to rope them back in when they’re about to lose it. which humans often need sometimes.

and auspistice is about stopping two people from entering something that might be explosive. a bad relationship, a rivalry that might be a bad idea.

basically, they aren’t human needs to have these relationships, but humans DO indeed do these quadrant relationships.

thank you


Trolls are like ogres, they have layers.
Its just that the layers are layers of irony.