“Hello” the young woman that stood before her smiled like a sunrise, holding up her shield like a badge of honour, “Do you remember me?” Bhryn blinked slowly, she was still in the gardens of the capital, how long she had been lost in thought listening to sermons of the priest at what was a strange eulogy, given for the Death Knights of Silvermoon who had returned to the city, her commanding Officer, Koltira at his shoulder, looking bored and amused.

The woman who was once Lorien looked at the face of this young warrior, beautiful and somewhat reminiscent of her own youthful features, or rather how they had once been in life. A shoulder length crop of black hair and large eyes, so bright against the dark of the hair. Cael, he had grown up strong… no, she had grown up strong. Her eyes took in the shield, the sword and suddenly for the first time in what must have been an age, something strange and warm slid down one cheek. The young woman came forward and dabbed at her face with a small piece of cloth.

“I became a warrior, because my Aunt Lorien was the greatest warrior I ever knew. She saved my life, when I was a young boy. She gave me time to grow up and become the young woman I was inside. Do you want to come with me, just over here, and I’ll tell you all about her. My name is Caellis and I am a Warrior of Silvermoon.”

“Bhryn,” replied the thunderstruck Death Knight, then slowly, achingly, she smiled; it stretched her scars and pulled at the stitching, it probably made her even more hideous, but smiling suddenly felt right. She reached out, cupping a hand to the back of Caellis’ head, then pulled the young woman in for a tight hug, “But I was once called Lorien, like the summer in the forest…”

Lorien my DK and the nephew who grew into the transgendered woman, Caellis. Her most beloved family member she adored and was closest to, the one she gave her living life to save, reunited!

I’m honoured because I’ve had a few messages of support and thanks for daring to discuss a trans character. I think whatever you want to be inside, be it. Man, woman, banana, whatever. I like to think Caellis looks like her aunt when she was younger 😀 just more confident. Also the similarity being that Lorien ended up a death knight tank, and Caellis who became a warrior, is a warrior tank. I just jkrbvjervhebrvhber their relationship, so many feelings about it <3 <3

I should draw Caellis and her boyfriend Aurind, the one eyed Warlock sometime! She calls him Captain, mostly to annoy him, a habit that Lorien picked up too.