Commission Sale!
This time I’d like to work on some scenery-centered stuff, so what I’m offering is:
1 character + background deal.

The price for one character and background is 32 usd!

All artwork will be fully colored. The nature of this commission means the characters might get partially obstructed by environmental details such as tables or boulders or the like, but they are comparable to full body pictures.

I can draw original characters, WoW player characters (no worgen), GW2 player characters and the like. I do not draw fanart of canon characters!

As with all my super sales this also has a catch: these are “wing it” types, so while you can give me general ideas such as “character X exploring a forest” or even “character Y sparring with character Z on a nightly field” you can’t, for example, give me specific details such as specific postures, angles or the like. I offer no wips or major revisions, but I will fix major mistakes I have made, naturally!

Backgrounds can be somewhat experimental or simplified. Overly complicated characters or outfits on said characters can, likewise, be simplified.

To claim a slot you can email me sirmeo[at] or by filling out this commission form.

More examples of my commission work can be seen here and here. My general commission info and Terms of Service can be seen here. The link also has link to my commission queue that will help you keep track on how your commission is coming along. Commissions should take 2-5 weeks to complete at most, and if there are delays that would push the deadline further I will contact you and inform you of them!

My general commission ToS applies. Payment via paypal only.

Due my situation I can only start working after the 13th, but I will still complete your work as soon as possible.