I actually saw >this< tutorial on my dash the other day and its describes really well actually how I also do lineart. Lots of fast strokes, and alt-z’ing until I get the strong confident line I want. Rinse and Repeat. 

Up until recently I was using Paint Tool SAI, but I switched to Manga Studio 5 and love it sooo much better. Brush options are perfect for the kind of lineart I do. 

One thing I do differently though is that I keep my base sketches VERY basic. I do most-to-all of the detail work in lineart, while my sketch never leaves the blob phaze. Which may or may not be an unprofessional way to go about it (I still flesh sketches out for commissions but for my own personal stuff, I free hand A LOT of my lineart…)

like uh this


idk how I’d go about making a lineart tutorial better than the one I linked so id deff suggest checking it out bcause thats how ive always gone about it.

One thing that makes it easy to do this method – since some people cough cough say its hard – is that my canvases are fucking enormous. I never work on canvases smaller than 2000x2000pixels

Also I ink in mouse-mode because pen-to-screen mapping on tablets drives me insane

ALSO X2 here are my brush settings in SAI when i use it

yours has less swearing :3 which I kind of appreciate