I forget what absolute babies some people can be on the Timeless Isle.

I was CRZ’d back into WRA for a bg group with some friends and this lock and druid start attacking. I kill the lock, and some AOE bullshit from a dragon mob kills me, so I rez and oh hey look at that the warlock is at the rez point, and knocks me back/off the ledge so I just…since I was on ED-Selynth I just glider my way back down and I’m like lol really. REALLY BUDDY.

And apparently they’re up there knocking off anyone who killed them??

It’s the Timeless isle oh my gOD people don’t flag on a PVE server if you don’t want to risk being killed or fighting or whatever and if you die you die its ok you will not die irl don’t be a poopnose about it.