Some unique Clan armors, and faces!

1. Blackrock clan armor variant 1.

2. Blackrock clan armor, variant 2 (missing shoulders)

3. Shadowmoon clan armor

4. Warsong clan armor

5. Thunderlord clan armor

6. A burning Blade leader. Taken for the face piercings (BUT BLIZZARD CANT CUSTOMIZE PLAYERS).

7. Golmash Hellscream. Who is he? Possibly Grom’s father, uncle, who knows. But he’s an unheard of Hellscream.

8. Saberon with armor

9. Laughing Skull clan helmet

10. Frostwolf Clan armor

Stormreaver, Bonechewer and Burning Blade atm don’t have unique clan armor (I doubt they will). Twilight’s Hammer and Bleeding Hollow aren’t in.

+160 savage