Sometimes I think about how Blood Elves survived a zombie apocalypse and sucked the magic out of demons and they’re reduced to “lol gay” because the dudes aren’t giant hulking musclebeasts like the rest of the goddamn world

Umm have you not seen the male night elf? They are jacked as fuck and have a posture that says I don’t give fucks. Blood elf dudes stand around like homo’s, run like women, have a body of a prepubescent teen boy.

The women night elves are even more badass than the males.

grats on the url dude


“pre-pubescent teen boy”

do the children in your area eat a hefty bowl of rBST flakes as a part of their complete breakfast

We’re missing the important questions here:

 Blood elf dudes stand around like homo’s

A homo’s what?