How the S11 pieces actually fit 😛

The collar is quite involved but only made of 2 pieces.  The front piece helps even out the weight from the halo in the back but everything should stay in place once secured to the shoulder pieces.  

The helm will be mostly covered by the hood.  There’s padding on the forehead to keep a dark shadow cast over my eyes like the in-game model.  I can see fine though. 😀  Worbla straps keep the helm snug but I might need a couple other straps to keep it from shifting to one side.  Haven’t completely solved it yet.

The legplates are held up with straps on the belt and secured with a big strap around each leg.  Crotch and butt will be covered by the tabard tails. 😛 (Sorry about the shorts, it’s hot and I didn’t feel like changing into the pants lol)

I’m really proud of the arms.  I didn’t get very good shots gdi but I had to solve a lot of interesting problems building them and they turned out way cooler than expected. 😀 Fabric detail will cover the middle part so that’s why some of it is raised and unpainted.

The gloves will be made of fabric strips up to the hand/knuckle piece, almost like bandages.  There’s a lot of weird elements in S11 that I never noticed until I tried to make the damn thing lol.