actually it’s not a lore discussion

it was never intended as a lore discussion

it was a headcanon post

but y’all showed up late with starbucks to throw canon at and discredit somebody’s fan world building who literally re-wrote the entirety of Burning Crusade because I couldn’t tolerate how garbage it was

who has not given a spare thought to canon azeroth since 2006

and in fact has “fuck canon” in her blog description

but keep on screaming like i give a fuck about this mediocre writing staff and the apologists for it who line up like pigs at the trough to eat up their problematic bullshit like all you can eat night at the golden corral

i do not give a fuck about canon and i do not give a fuck about you


Might I make a suggestion? Because when it showed up on my dash, nothing about it even came remotely close to saying “this is headcanon.” It was about 60+ reblogs removed from the original and made me scratch my head because it was nothing I’d even seen suggested in the game before.

I also don’t generally go to the original blog before reblogging something that shows up on my dash, so…

My suggestion: maybe label it as headcanon next time, like a lot of headcanon posts are (like “headcanon: Sylvanas is actually doing good by helping restless souls find purpose”) instead of hoping people will figure that out for themselves and then getting angry when they don’t after it’s ~60-70+ reblogs removed from the source.

Because, to be frank, shithowdy wasn’t rude in her rebuttal of the headcanon, but you and your friends have been, and over what’s all really just a misunderstanding.

it was an untagged post on my personal blog, in a discussion with 2 of my followers

you can shut the fuck up and so can your simple friend

You seem to be missing a lot of points here.

But okay.

lightandwinged i think OP has a point. most people just post personal shit on their blog and don’t mean for it to get popular.

it’s not their responsibility to tag shit like “headcanon.” If the post is not in the fandom tags, it usually means it isn’t meant to be seen by a lot of people. That doesn’t restrict people from reblogging it, because they can and do, but the thought process by the author at that point is usually like “oh, hey, good, people agree, and all of them know what I am talking about.” Otherwise, they are just reading it out of context, which is, while NOT the reader’s fault, it is CERTAINLY NOT the poster’s responsibility.

i mean personally (if anyone asked for my opinion, which they did not), if I called out the inaccuracies of something, and then the person who made the post was like “no this is a headcanon, it was untagged on my blog” i would jut be like “oh ok sorry, carry on, my bad” and leave them alone.

I would not demand they tag their personal posts the way YOU want them to, especially since to my knowledge you don’t seem to be even following them…?

This is really silly tbh and you need to settle down. Your response to this came off as ultra condescending when read over text and I’d probably have a similar reaction if it was in regards to me. 

This is tumblr; you have to assume that your post may not be seen by the intended audience. If you do not want people commenting on it, you really should not post it.