Except that it does say that they don’t pay. Not there, but in the section:

“We are quite literally looking for a person that can do four jobs”

If they wanted to pay, they’d pay four people for four jobs. Instead they’re going to get one person who is going to be mediocre at all four because anyone who is actually experienced enough to do all four isn’t going to touch that job with a ten foot pole.

That doesn’t say they won’t pay you any money, that says you’ll be doing multiple jobs at once.

“We need one person for a job that encompasses multiple disparate job descriptions” is code for “we need multiple to do these jobs, but we don’t want to pay the money for one person per job description”

This doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to draw a salary; merely your compensation will not be anywhere near market value for the total number of jobs you’ll be doing.