Hello, troll lovers! It’s time for the first Trollin’ Thursdays Art & Writing Contest! And what better theme to begin with than All Hallow’s Eve?

So, here’s the challenge: Create a short story or piece of art that cohesively combines an All Hallow’s Eve theme(s) AND an element(s) of troll lore and culture.

What does that mean? There are many aspects of troll lore and culture that can be related to All Hallow’s Eve themes, like horror, magic, death, zombies, costumes, and ghosts. For example, Amar’etsu’s costume is a Gurubashi Blood Drinker, which (my headcanon) is like a troll vampire, while Nok is Samedi, whom Bwonsamdi was inspired by. So spoopy!

But All Hallow’s Eve doesn’t have to mean just costumes or scary stuff. There are many themes associated with other celebrations of the season including Samhain, Dia de los Muertos, and fall harvest. If you can make a case for how it could relate to troll lore or culture (canon OR fan-crafted headcanon), it’s game!

Entries will be judged primarily on creativity: How well did you incorporate an element of troll lore and culture with something related to the season? People of all skill levels are encouraged to join!

What you can win:

2 First Prizes: Your choice of any digital item from the Blizzard Pet Store OR a 30-day World of Warcraft Game card OR a full-body character sketch

2 Runner-Up Prizes: Your choice of any digital non-mount pet from the Blizzard Store OR a bust sketch

How to enter:

Email your entries to Writing entries should be less than 1,000 words and art entries should be JPGs less than 800k in size.

Not sure if your idea fits the prompt? Send me an ask or fanmail!

Contest ends October 31, 2013. Good luck!