A couple of weeks ago I was RPing my wee little Death Knight by the giant fountain in Silvermoon. 

I was joined by several others while I sat there, including Theravir and Felano (both who’s in game classes are Death Knight), and we’re RPing and suddenly this orc DK walks up.

And he’s being goofy in a disruptive annoying way. I want to say my little DK just gave him a ‘You’re insane’ look. I think the others ignored or had their characters tell him to leave. The details don’t matter much. 

When the guy stormed off he said “Fucking elves” or something to that extent. And I was just like… :[. 

Hating on Belves has been part of wow culture since BC. But, really, honestly, to do so out loud, in character, in the middle of their home city? What?

If you are not Sin’dorei and you are in Silvermoon, you are a guest in Quel’thalas. Act like one. Silvermoon is not America, it’s 1984 with pointy ears, you can’t just go into their nation and openly talk shit like people do in meatspace.

You wouldn’t go visit to someone’s house and openly tell them to their face that you hate them unless you were some sort of fucked up person. Chances are you’d be told to leave, and forcefully removed by the law for trespassing if you refused.

The same can be said for Quel’thalas.

If you don’t like elves, don’t go to their city.

If you must enter their city, because you think it’s the only rp hub and don’t want an alternative, keep your ic dissent to yourself.

I’d love to see Belves just point blank tell open haters to get out. It’d be lulzy.

Realistically speaking the disruptive Orc would be told to calm his tits and if failing to oblige would be forcibly escorted by several heavily armed Silvermoon Guards and their Arcane Constructs that could squash him like a bug to a portal somewhere or just outside the gates and thrown right on his tusky face.

IC actions have IC consequences and it sucks that people just want to be edgy for the sake of being edgy.

Yes. That too.

all my this.