I’m opening up 3 slots at a time, the availability can be found here.

Commission Prices:

Clean Sketch:

  • Head and Shoulders: $15
  • Waist and Up :$25
  • Full Body:  $35

Flat Color : $10

Shaded Color : $20

Background : $30 (must provide reference) 

I can charge anywhere from $0-$10 extra for “complex” outfits

For extra characters, multiply the price by the number of characters, minus the background. (however if the other characters are animals/companions, I’m open to negotiation. SIMILARLY, for props, such as weapons, will be decided on a case-by-case basis). 



Half of the money is paid to me when I confirm the details of the project, and the other half is given when I provide a sketch.

You can put reference pictures of the character in my /submit box, or send them to me over skype ( zoe.groark ) or email! Just let me know you are doing.