Forgive me for having you leave – you musn’t see what will become of me. I want you to remember me as I was. Not as I am now. No doubt you’ve opened this letter before finding me those herbs – a week or two would strain your curiosity, wouldn’t it? In that case, forget buying them, there isn’t a need.
Come home. There is no need to hurry, my love. I’ll be here no matter how long it takes. Just don’t dwell too long for me. There should be enough coin for a horse, enough wood for a fire. Just to get you started.
You don’t need my help anymore, Alra. You never really did. 

With Love
– T

Decided to draw my DK – Alragzos  (NO not a dragon, just unfortunate naming on my part.) I haven’t doodled him in a long time and things just sorta got out of hand. He’s a bit of a fugly baby, but I love him. 
Also yes, he loves. Yes, he’s depressed, and yes, he has a sexdrive. Because fuck you I do what I want.
Listened mostly to “Four Knocks" from the Doctor Who soundtrack while drawing this. uCu