Because I’m awful and only color sketches… A colored sketch with some trimming. lol (Link to bigger version.)

Redesign of Ashriel, Wing General of the Council of Four [Archangels] in “Heaven” from my world with the vampires and demons and stuff. Unlike winged-folk, angel wings aren’t attached to their bodies, but hover an inch or two over the shoulder blades/back/hips. Lesser angels have 1 pair, and more powerful ones have more. (An older example of Arel… wow, from ‘08! LOL I could’ve sworn I’ve drawn more of him in much recent years, but I guess not..)

I never really fleshed out “heaven” or.. the Astral or whatever heavenly angel-y plane. Only that they’re militaristic, superior-race-ist, intensely superficial, and kick out angels for being disfigured under the false pretense of assigning them to do the honorable job of keeping peace on the Earth plane. It’s effectively forced exile under the guise of duty.

Not really sure what style of armor I’m going for, kind of winged it (HAHHH!), but I’m going to keep the crown and halo thing…