i really enjoy romance rp, i do.

but i absolutely do not understand the people who do nothing but romance rp 24/7, like do nothing but log on and do the same soap opera rp all day and their character’s only current goal/thoughts/whatever is centered around the weird-ass multiracial love affair with pregnancy that they’re currently in

like, considering ALL the things happening in WoW. The Horde is in the middle of a civil war. There’s an entire new continent to explore. There’s new racial tensions and an entire new culture. There’s a war going on in every corner of the world. There’s enemies, old and new popping up EVERYWHERE. The rivalry in the blood elves and high elves has been reignited with the purging of dalaran. In the last few months ALONE your character, as a member of the horde, has had their life change drastically. 

And you’re gonna ignore all that and focus on having the half elf half troll half goblin baby that may not be alive anymore because you fell off Thunder bluff and had a broken leg and now you can’t decide between your goblin husband and the new and upcoming handsome priest on the side


like, while it’s great entertainment when I feel like spying, I still don’t GET shutting out all the awesome things happening in lore right now just to focus on a really lame and really over dramatic romance plot. Like, does your character even know what’s going on in the horde right now? Do YOU?

Granted this is a horde-only rant and i have no clue what alliance is doing so yeah

Literally spying on this kind of thing right now.