This is Garrosh’s non-Sha updated model for 5.4

blizzard stop making his head so tiny omg

Holy shit, is mouth is almost closed.

well on the bright side of all this it no longer looks like his chest+legs were sculpted out of play doh

i like the bottom half of his face, looking distinctively more updated-thrall-model

his mouth is also almost-closed so gj blizz

but I don’t like what they did with his browline and the shape of the dome of his head… (this is the only image i have on hand so im sorry)


They narrowed his brows considerably in width, which was an interesting decision for a couple reasons:

1. this was not done with Thrall; the opposite in fact:


2. For whatever reason, wide brows are often associated with intelligence. Why this was given to Thrall and not to Garrosh is…. *laughs* I wonder if this was intentional. 


also: why do two members of the same species appear to have differing cranial capacities

What that first image is a great one

and i’m not just saying that because I was the one who made it