I think the only thing truly frustrating about this is the fact that he was raised by orcs since childhood despite the fact that their presence (as the modern Horde) in the Eastern Kingdoms has only existed since the Third War (technically the Second, but I doubt any orc ladies in the EK had much time or capacity to think about adopting elf babbus at that point) which means he’d still be in his teens at the oldest, and he’d technically not be a Sin’dorei since he would have missed out on that whole elven identity crisis thing. In fact, he wouldn’t even have green eyes, unless his orc mama was a warlock and fed him fel flakes for breakfast.

Explore all the ideas you want for character identity, but have them make sense, c’mon.

Well, a teenage elf isn’t out of the question as we do not know the rate at which the mature.  I assume that they hit maturation the same as humans and then just live magically enhanced lives until they’re killed.

That being said, the green eye thing is questionable.  Apparently, simply being around fel energy will corrupt an elf passively. This was stated in one of the Ask the Developers.  It’s why all elves have green eyes when some, such as priests, would surely not have turned to fel energy.

And the designation of blood elf is largely political. 

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I would assume the age to be out of the question just by the description. Tall, beefy, and stubbly sounds like a mature adult, and he’s even had time to master a few skills (combat, bladesmithing).

The green eye/ Sin’dorei thing— iiiit’s iffy. You’re right, the identity of Sin’dorei is completely political and just by virtue of being Horde he would be one. I don’t know enough of the character history to say what he’s been exposed to, but I think it’s pretty clear that it takes a lot of exposure, even if they were themselves non-practicing. You can see fel crystals and all sorts of things around every corner in Silvermoon. The race as a whole turned to the magic; even if you weren’t doing it, your neighbors surely were.

So maybe he developed them just by hanging around with blood elves later on, who knows. I won’t stand by that particular point.

But either way, he’s either an exceptionally huge and gifted 16-year-old or someone doesn’t quite grasp timelines.

Tarenar Sunstrike and Gidwin Goldbraids in EPL that mention fighting the scourge while they’re growing up, which means they’re both fairly young, but they look like adults. I think its safe to say that they grow up at approximately the same rate as humans and then just live a lot longer.