So I’m wandering around and I see this.  I’m not commenting on their RP or anything like that, just what’s presented to me here, and i have to wonder… is this something that’s needed? If you wanted to play an Orc, couldn’t you play an Orc? It seems an attempt to be a Blood Elf without being a Blood Elf (which is totes trendy and kawaii) and trying to be the roughest man in the room. 

That isn’t even touching on the complete and utterly random changing of tenses sometimes where I’m not sure if I’m reading about a dead person or not.

It’s not wholly without merit, but it’s so far gone over the line of special snowflake spending more words than necessary to accomplish nothing other than “I wanted to be a blood elf without having to be a blood elf.”

Also, he was a warrior just so none of us are jumping to the “Maybe he wanted a paladin.” (and even then he could be a Tauren and be closer to what he’s describing, what with his nose ring)



How is this a bad RSP? So what if there is an Orcish themed blood elf. We have plenty of people in real life that mimic the cultures of others. You can’t help who your parents are but if that elf identifies with Orcs how is this wrong?