*leaps to the ground and slams Lor’themar against the wall, fur bristling*

A good read for you, but it’s making me a laughing stock!

The nobles don’t take me seriously, I’ve had women-and some men-try horrific attempts at flirtation, and now I’ve heard that even the Horde has copies of that accursed “novel”! And Light knows what Mia will do if she catches wind of it!

*grabs onto Genn’s arm to better support himself. Of all the days he decided to just get about in britches and turtlenecks… He looks somewhat guilty.*

Sounds like my day to day life… And honestly now, almost everyone here has had a book written about them. That poor general Marcus has almost twenty books with his name in them and he’s alright! It-It will all die down after a few weeks! … haha… Please don’t ruin my face…

I am pretty sure Marcus wrote those books about himself.