Perhaps your ears are simply filled with cobwebs, you rotting bitch.

You do not speak to the Warchief of the Horde in such a way.

“You are correct. I do not, and would not speak to the Warchief in such a way. But I am not speaking to Thrall… I am speaking to his interim placeholder, who now finds himself attempting to fill a pair of shoes six sizes too big, while expecting that none of the rest of us will notice. But trust me, Garrosh… I noticed.”

“The Horde has my loyalty. And always has. You, however, will not, as long as you remain so openly hostile to the simple continued existence of my people. We are not fodder for your war machine, you ogre-faced buffoon. We are the Forsaken. And damn anyone who stands in our way, no matter what immensely undeserved title he dotes upon himself.”

[He snarls, torn between disgust, amusement and another, less confident emotion. Yet he has no desire to lead the Horde like Thrall did. No, his Horde will prosper and thrive.]

It seems the decay has reached your brain, banshee. Thrall is no longer the Warchief. He left the Horde to give his life to being a shaman; he is no longer Warchief Thrall, but Go’el the World Shaman.

[His eyes narrow.]

If you are so loyal to Thrall, then do you not trust his decisions? He made me Warchief.

I have never wanted or tried to fill his role. Thrall banished the Horde to live in Durotar, to punish it. I will not let my people and those who stand with us suffer and scrape out a living in the desert when there are plentiful resources at our disposal!

Your people, loyal to the Horde? [He growls again.] Your people poisoned my men at the Wrathgate. Your people used the same disgusting tactics in Gilneas. Your people were so out of control that your precious Thrall placed guards at the doors of your putrid city to keep them in line, since you were too incompetent to do it yourself. I have every right to be suspicious of you.

[He chuckles.] You speak of loyalty to the Horde then dare to speak against “anyone who stands in your way”? [He spits.] Pathetic.

*munches on popcorn* This is getting good