…I wake up to someone having stolen my clothes and make-up.

And I find them on Lor’themar.

Someone will pay

…It was totally not me.

At all.

And if it had been – just hypothetically – it would not have been done in an attempt to get into his pants. Ever. In a million years.

I also did not steal Varian’s clothes for the same reason. Because that would be ridiculous.

Oh, Kitty, how could you!

Actually, that’s alright, that dress isn’t nice enough for me anymore anyways.

And then there’s the fact that that particular bit of “eyeshadow” you stole wasn’t actually eyeshadow… The only bottle that was in that area that is missing was actually a bottle of very potent scorpid venom.

I’m sorry! It’s just that he’s so gorgeous and I really thought I’d get a shot in bed with him if I—

Wait, what?

I gave the Regent Lord SCORPID VENOM?!

You used scorpid venom on the Regent Lord, how could you!

My coffee was especially horrible this morning; I could have used that.

That’s the last time I get coffee in Thunder Bluff.