“The figure’s skin was a pale gray, the cold color of a corpse, and the scars that slashed across his face seemed to be savagely dug into his skin. The hair that framed his face lacked all luster, a dark black that only highlighted the gross wrongness of his features.

The armor he wore bore the dark, forbidding colors of the Scourge, and a mockery of Alliance regalia was carved into the deep black plate—the proud lion of Stormwind entwined with the undead symbology of the Lich King.


What was most horrifying however, were his eyes. The glow that misted from them wasn’t the fel green of the Sin’dorei, the blazing red of a tainted orc, nor the icy blue of a Death Knight—it was a pale, sickly green, something that spoke of encroaching disease, of a slow demise from infection.” 

~ Keep Your Enemies Closer, Chapter 6

Done. Now my wrist is killing me aaaand I’ve run out of patience. 

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