Okay so Acherus: The Ebon Hold is said to be the strongest fortress owned by the Lich King. It could defeat a direct assault by Naxxrammas. Sooooooo. IT WOULD BE SO COOL TO SEE IT ALL! The ACTUAL Acherus is probably gigantic, each little side room is actually an entire wing, the size of Naxx, if not bigger. Why is it so easy to clear out after the DK starting zone is over? It feels sorta lackluster! To me it just feels like they tacked it on at the end, as if they forgot. I kinda just made it up on a whim after discussing Acherus and stuff with my friend, obviously not super complete, but lemme know what you think! Personally I could die happy if they made something like this, I love DKs.

Caverns of Time raid to clear out Acherus of all the servants, constructs and creatures still loyal to the Lich King after the betrayal at Light’s Hope. Players would take on the rotting, blue eyed look of a DK, but retain the the abilities of their class.

The Ebon Hold could be split up into multiple stages and levels. Players would start out at Death’s Breach, fight their way to the landing zone, kill the Horseman in his nightmare realm (the guy who gives you the death knight horses in the starting zone).

Then you would fly up to Acherus where you’re greeted by some of the new Ebon Blade Knights, and Darian Mograine. In the center is a shade of the Lich King or some sort of final boss (Not really sure, I’m just kinda fleshing this out as I go along), holding the center of Acherus in some sort of dark energy field. In order to it down you must clear out the 4 levels of Acherus. 3 levels that represent the different schools of DKs; Blood, Frost, and Unholy (similar to the plague, military, and arachnid quarters of Naxx). Each of the quarters would have a few bosses like Naxx, with fights and bosses also sticking true to the theme of the Death Knight spec.

After you’ve done that, you head to the upper level, where you must clear out the combined construct/training area (where you do rune forging and such) where the final scourge magic idol is powering the dark energy field below.

After you destroy patchwerk and his Val’Kyr pals, you runeforge your weapons with powerful magic or something, idk. Then you go back down to fight the shade of the Lich king, who is trying to keep his hold on Acherus or whatever kind of final boss is there. 

yes can we stop with the stupid garrosh killing stuff and do this instead