Why are you on this server?  Emerald Dream has great RP, but it’s an RP-PvP server.  We specialize in world PvP.  We walk into cities and poop on people inside those cities, gank people, spit on people, dance on their bodies, etc.

If you want to have Alliance friends walk into your city, your MAJOR CITY without getting killed (or vice versa), seriously WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HERE?

Go to WrA, go to Moonguard, go to Argent Dawn, go ANYWHERE but the server whose mottos are “Welcome to Emerald Fucking Dream” and “Red is dead”.

Not only are you bound to get people who will just slaughter you because you exist, and yes that IS IN CHARACTER to kill a human walking around the Undercity or Silvermoon or wherver, but you’re also bound to get people shitting on you and being nasty when you inevitably cry about the ruination of your carefully planned and scripted encounter.

Our server is not the place for that.  The people killing your friends are in the right, since that’s what the server EXISTS FOR.  If that’s not what you want, you’d be happier on a strictly RP server.

ty have a nice day ps stop bringing fucking enemy guilds into cities jesus christ you people are so retarded

why do i have a feeling youre talking about the sisterhood again

Did they cry again after we killed Slei and others in SMC last night? Fucking retards! 


Even on my RP server; if you’re opposite faction and in a city, ur so ded.