Oh 4chan

Did you think truly think you killed me? Do you truly believe that you were strong enough to kill death itself?

As we speak, my loyal knights are culling the lands, slaying the weak and the strong alike. With honed skills granted upon them by both the Horde and the Alliance, all living things will suffer an ultimate betrayal as their own skilled warriors bring them to their knees. For you see, no being truly escapes the hand of the Scourge. They were merely biding their time, just as their king has.

Run and hide while you can. Soon enough, you will choke upon your own cries amid the chill winds of my vengeance. The sky will darken as your mortal lives come to an end, your precious soil replaced with little more than the bones of the damned. There is no escape. The agents of my will shall find you. You too will be torn from this realm, kicking and screaming, from your pitiful shell.

Long live the king.